Rise in home invasions calls for monitored home security systems Melbourne

Home security systems Melbourne

16 Jul Rise in home invasions calls for monitored home security systems Melbourne

The number of home invasion-related crimes occurring in Melbourne is on the rise, according to media reports. Demand for monitored home security systems Melbourne is increasing as more residents within the greater Melbourne area are compelled to protect against the growing risk of intrusion, theft, personal confrontation, and physical attack in the place where they should feel most safe and secure – inside their own homes. What is the best way for Melbourne residents to preserve the security of their home environments, and restore peace-of-mind?

Violent carjackings and home burglaries on the rise in Melbourne

Carjacking incidents in Melbourne have increased by 80% over the past year, according to a recent report on Victorian police statistics in The Age (read full story here). The aggravated theft of vehicles – involving use of violence – is the most concerning as these incidents can occur not just out on the road, but at the residential property where vehicles are known to be stored.

police-burglary-responderThe Age reported that an Essendon family “cowered in fear” as their car was being stolen from their residential property, and a Bendigo man was “stabbed in the neck” trying to prevent the theft of a vehicle from his home address.

General theft-related home invasions are also on the rise. An Airport West couple “locked themselves in their ensuite” when they heard intruders searching their house, according to The Age. What would you do if you suddenly found yourself dealing with this kind of critical situation?

Not just luxury homes in rich suburbs at increased risk

The need for increased home security has extended far beyond ‘blue-chip’ residential areas where luxury cars, jewellery,  artworks, and other high-priced valuables are typically stored. Today, any home in any average suburb or town could be targeted for burglary and car theft via home invasion involving acts of violence or threat and trauma to residents and their families.

According to a news story published in The Age on 15 July 2016, a Williams Landing man “locked his wife and two young children in the bathroom and pleaded with the burglars not to harm his family” when “three African teens” were found to have entered the home at 3am, while the family had been sleeping. The report in The Age described how the teens threatened the man with a shovel and ransacked the home to steal keys to the family’s Nissan Pulsar, some jewellery, and electrical equipment.

The trouble with basic home security alarm systems

A basic home security alarm system is neither effective, nor truly dependable. How many times have you witnessed people ignoring a car alarm sounding in their vicinity? If you’re relying on neighbours or passers-by to report the sound of an alarm coming from your home, this is a very risky and unreliable strategy!

  • What if neighbours are asleep, not at home, or immersed in their home entertainment system when your alarm goes off?
  • What if anyone who does hear the alarm doesn’t wish to ‘get involved’ in the occurrence of crime and its aftermath?
  • What if thieves and attackers know very well that most home alarms give them time to complete crimes and get away?
  • What if someone hears the home alarm, and dials 000, but local police cannot respond in time to prevent the crime?


The best home security systems in Melbourne are live-monitored

Only with a monitored home security system can you be assured of having a live security response unit on-call 24/7 – at the touch of a screen-pad or button from inside or outside the home, or triggered by a configurable range of automatic alerts including motion detection.

Home security system controlled by mobile appSophisticated home security systems were once very costly but advances in home security system technology, and increased worldwide scale of production, have made extremely high-tech systems very affordable for the average householder. Wireless systems make home security system installations so easy and low-impact these days, and wireless home security systems are also ideal for renters.

New home security systems can be supplied and fully installed by ILA Security Services for as little as $699 (including 12-month warranty).

In the event of any threat, invasion, or suspected intrusion, the ILA centralised security monitoring station in Melbourne can be ‘right there’ with you in real-time, alerting first responders and guiding them to you, capturing video/audio evidence, and even streaming live video through to emergency services.

Not many security companies in Melbourne have their own fully-certified 24/7 central monitoring station located in Melbourne – but ILA Security Services definitely does! Home security systems can be live-monitored by ILA Security Services 24/7 from as little as $29.95 per month.

Remote control and check-ins via a simple app

Home security systems with an app allow you to monitor and manage your home security system even when you’re not at home. All you need is a common smartphone or tablet. Imagine being on a beach almost anywhere in the world and being able to login to your home security system in real-time to be reassured of your home remaining safe and secure for your eventual return.

Concerned about crime rates in Melbourne? Talk to a home security systems and security system installations expert from ILA.

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