ILA responds to Melbourne crime hot-spots with home security system installations

home security system installations

30 Jul ILA responds to Melbourne crime hot-spots with home security system installations

Hot-spots for violent robberies, car-jackings and assaults are now shown to include Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs Carnegie, Gardenvale and Murrumbeena, and suburbs along the Frankston, Sandringham and Cranbourne train lines, according to a Channel 9 News report dated 29 July 2016.

Despite increased patrols by police, Victoria has experienced an overall 12.4 percent jump in crime in the past year, with one third of all crimes being theft-related. The incidence of crime is concentrated in the greater Melbourne city area, where 9 News reports that an astonishing 1 in 4 residents are affected by crime.

Security expert recommends live-monitored home security systems with an app

Michael Hart, Melbourne security expert, recommends wireless home security systems with live monitoring as the best way for Melbourne residents to protect their homes and those inside from the threat of home invasion.

Home security system controlled by mobile app“Because of the rapidly rising crime rate in Victoria, and growing concerns among Melbourne residents about the number of theft-related home invasions occurring, ILA suddenly needed to fast-track many installations of home security systems in all areas of Melbourne,” Michael said. “People read about a violent home invasion in their suburb, and next thing they’re calling ILA wanting immediate home security system installations with an app and live monitoring for 24/7 protection. It’s great to see home residents relaxed about being in their own homes again when we’re able to get any of the latest home security systems installed and up-and-running for them so quickly.”

Situational management of alerts by real humans with specialised training

Home security system installations with an app allow you to control and monitor your home security system from any location using your smartphone or tablet. Wireless home security systems mean there’s no reason why renters can’t have a state-of-the-art home security system installed. With live monitoring, real humans with specialised training are engaged in situational management whenever one of many configurable alert-triggers are activated.

No need for home security guards – not even in the very wealthiest suburbs

“Since the escalation of home invasions and theft-related violent crimes in Melbourne, we’re also fielding a lot of enquiries about home security guards from people who feel more at risk or have more valuable assets on their property than the average person,” said Michael. “Once we have assessed the premises, we can recommend a wireless home security system with an app and live monitoring that will deliver the extremely high level of security protection that some people are feeling is needed these days, for a very small fraction of what it costs to have a security guard.”