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Company history

ILA Security Services was established in 1995 to provide comprehensive, effective security services and security systems for commercial, industrial, and institutional clients with sites in the Melbourne metropolitan area. ILA soon became one of the leading security companies in Melbourne.


The launch of the ILA residential division Homeworthy extended the same exceptional standards of professional services provision and systems advice to customers in the growing market for home and personal security.


ILA is dedicated to technological innovation and the continuous improvement of services and systems to protect clients and customers from loss and damage.


From security guards in the front line of duty through to control-room monitoring officers, technical system consultants, security assessment advisors, and the management team, people at ILA are highly experienced and trained in accordance with the latest professional industry standards and best practices.


Only ILA can stand behind human security guard services with a 100% alertness guarantee for fail-safe on-site performance via exclusive Roboguard technology.

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Our clients and customers

ILA Security Services has been delivering peace-of-mind to clients and customers in the greater Melbourne metropolitan area for more than 20 years.


Talk to ILA about your security requirements and learn from case studies and security assessments how services and systems can be tailored to provide the most dependable and cost-efficient solution for your site and specific situation.


ILA is a leader in technological research and development with the capacity to provide the most advanced security services and systems in Australia. The ILA performance guarantee means real assurance of value and reliability where successful coverage of even the most critical security needs is concerned.

Accreditation and facilities

ILA Security Services is a fully licensed and accredited security provider established in Melbourne for more than 20 years.


Services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.


Client sites and alarms are monitored from within a certified Grade 1 Monitoring Station which is certified to Australian Standard AS2201.2.

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