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For security services Melbourne contact ILA, leading providers of security guards with a 100% alertness guarantee for the protection of commercial, industrial, and institutional sites.
security services melbourne
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Security Services

Security guards with 100% alertness guarantee

Security services Melbourne


For more than 20 years, ILA has been providing Melbourne security guards and security services to protect clients from loss and damage.


Only ILA security guards are equipped with the exclusive Roboguard system to ensure 100% on-site alertness, safety, and performance of duty.


  • Guard movements are constantly monitored in real time at ILA Security HQ
  • Guards are always active and alert – any inactivity is promptly investigated
  • Clients can track the performance of their on-site guards in real time
  • Guard-down and under-threat alerts exceed all on-site OH&S requirements
  • Highly identifiable safety uniforms for maximum visual deterrence
Security guard services Melbourne
Free on-site security assessments

Specialised security solutions


Beyond the provision of professional security guard services in Melbourne, ILA is a world leader in the integration of breakthrough technology with highly-trained human resources to deliver not just security services but real security.


No matter how simple or complex your security needs, a free on-site security assessment by ILA will recommend the most effective and cost-efficient mix of security services and systems, including solutions which might not have been considered possible or affordable before.

What is Roboguard?


Roboguard is the breakthrough technology developed by ILA to guarantee 100% alertness and performance of duty by human security guards.


  • Not robots or cyborgs but technology-enhanced human guards
  • Guards cannot possibly cat-nap or relax on the job
  • Guards cannot leave the site or neglect their active duties
  • Exceeds all lone worker duty-of-care requirements
  • Monitor your guard’s performance in real-time with ILA’s exclusive app
Ask about Roboguard

ILA for free advice on security services Melbourne